We are the leading evaluation team in the Czech Republic. One of our strong domains is the evaluation of interventions funded by EU structural funds (ESIF funds) and national budgets. We have experience in implementing a wide range of evaluations:

Program evaluation

We cover the entire cycle of the programming period. Prior to its launch, we carry out ex-ante evaluations of operational programs, partnership agreements, analysis of absorption capacity or we prepare sectoral strategies. During the program period, we carry out mid-term evaluations of programs and implementation systems. After the end of the period, we prepare ex-post or impact evaluations.

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Thematic evaluations

We have extensive experience in implementing partial evaluations on a specific topic, such as evaluating communication activities, evaluating the indicator system, evaluating development aid programs or evaluating strategic, conceptual and development documents in different areas.

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Process evaluation

The aim of process evaluation (or implementation evaluation) is to assess the quality of program implementation and to identify the factors that affect it. In this area we carry out an evaluation of administrative processes (e.g. systems thinking, the Vanguard method), the evaluation of administrative capacities, the monitoring system. We prepare proposals to simplify the implementation or administrative demands of projects.

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Project evaluation

Project-level evaluations funded by the ESI Fund are typically implemented for large system projects, large individual projects (at the national or regional level), or for pilot or highly innovative projects. We carry out a continuous evaluation of projects, which runs in conjunction with the implementation of the project in the long term and which is focused on the evaluation of project settings and the implementation of the project with regard to the fulfillment of the planned objectives and achieved impacts. Within the evaluation, we formulate recommendations for improving the functioning of the project and improving the process of implementing similar projects in the future.

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Analyzes, methodologies and strategies

We process studies, socio-economic analyzes and prepare methodologies for contracting authorities particularly from the public sector. We also prepare methodological materials. We offer methodological support primarily for public expenditure programs. We helped to set the implementation of all programming periods 2004-2006, 2007-2013 and 2014-2020.

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Surveys, fieldwork, data collection and analysis

In the framework of analytical and evaluation projects, we use a spectrum of methods of collecting primary and secondary data, including direct questioning, telephone survey (CATI) and, in particular, mediated surveys electronically through the developed questionnaire portal (www.dotaznicek.cz).

We are able to provide a large volume of homogeneous, representative and quantifiable data. We perform a closed sample investigation or one from the whole population of respondents.

For these purposes we use special software based on LIMESURVEY, which we adapted for the needs of analytical and evaluation projects on our own questionnaire portal.