Evaluation Advisory CE s.r.o. is a joint venture of the established companies of HOPE Group s.r.o. and Naviga 4 s.r.o., which has long been on the top of the market for evaluations and consultancy for public sector institutions in the Czech Republic.

Both parent companies are traditionally among the most successful advisory bodies for evaluating and setting up the methodological framework of operational programs and are thus a natural and respected partner for managing bodies of ESIF funds in the Czech Republic and abroad. The teams of evaluators and consultants jointly implemented a number of important projects in setting up the past and present programming periods and in evaluating the results and impacts of projects and entire programs.

The long-term cooperation of both companies, the interlinking of expert teams, the complementary professional background and experience naturally resulted in the strategic connection of expert teams into one entity, which is Evaluation Advisory CE s.r.o.



Our vision

We want to strengthen our leading position in the field of socio-economic evaluations, the creation and use of strategies, analyzes as well as project and program management in the CEE region.

We want to achieve growth in providing and improving the quality of advisory services for public administration in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We want to be a respected and long-term partner of European institutions and European advisory bodies for solving important transnational and international projects.

Our values

The basic values ​​we manage in EACE are:

Respect; a mutual demonstration of decency, corporate pride and human understanding during difficulties, regardless of age, gender, nationality or position.

Individual Freedom; we provide it as a matter of course, if we, of course, gain individual responsibility.

Customer orientation; we try to get to know the real needs of customers and overcome their expectations.

Loyalty; we prefer long-term relationships with employees and customers, and we are difficult to reconcile with fluctuations.

How we work, what our added value is

We're building an expert hub

We have high quality internal expertise. We rely on an experienced internal team of consultants with many years of experience in the field and a number of successfully implemented projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. In conjunction with our internal capabilities, we are focusing on the development of a strong network of external experts and specialists around us. We are able to manage wider expert teams that bring real added value to clients.

We use state-of-the-art methods and procedures

We use advanced and sophisticated analytical and evaluation methods in our projects. We always focus on the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the methods used and their combination.